A bedroom must offer what it’s designed to offer. Comfortable and healthy sleep. And that’s something we ought to respect. For that reason the mattresses that have been chosen are strictly made of natural materials such as rubber, coco palm, cotton, breathing fabric, airways for sufficient ventilation and independent springs for better anatomy and support. On the pillows the same philosophy on the materials is being followed and there’s always the possibility of choice from the softest to the harder ones. The sheets and the duvets made of 100% cotton and satin give a great feeling of softness and healthiness that add to the absolute relaxation. The rest of the linen as well as the bath towels follow the same path of pure cotton.

Each bedroom has its own en suite bathroom providing this way absolute privacy. Again, with all due respect to the space and aesthetics we have chosen the simple, yet luxurious lines of the built-in showers and the Jacuzzi found in the master bedroom of villa Agapi, soft colors and simple decoration.

All bathrooms are equipped with personal hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and hand soap throughout your stay.


The cleaning lady visits you once in midweek where she tidies up the residencies, the patios, and changes the linen. Given the installation of a dish washer the dishwashing is not included. She can be with you for about two hours from 09:00am to 15:00pm. You are given the possibility, always after contacting us, to choose the hours you would like her to drop by so as your private space to be influenced the less possible. Should you keep in mind though that it has to be within the hours mentioned above as beyond this time-table you will fail to be served that particular day.

There is also the option of every day cleaning for those who wish so with an additional charge of 30 euros per day and maximum two hours of service.

The swimming pool and the garden are looked after by the person in charge twice a week. The visiting hours are from 07:00 am to 10:00 am.


Around each pool there are wooden sun beds with comfortable cushions on and personal towels, shower, day bed and stone sofas shaded by the odas or the natural shading from the surrounding trees. All these along with the colorful flowers and plants compose a special harmony. From the sunrise colors to the ones of the sunset, from the beneficial day light to the night sky, with the scents of nature and the sounds of silence, the pool area is definitely the ideal spot for the beautiful moments of your vacation. Pools are cleaned by the person in charge twice a week. More information is given on the “cleaning services” part.


On the down side of the pool and the property there is a path that easily and quickly leads to the sea. There you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters or you can have a boat waiting for you for more distant explorations to the beautiful beaches of the island. You will find additional information about the boat on the “BOAT & CAR” part.


The four acres land that hosts the Amapola residencies is full of olive trees, vegetable gardens, flower beds with aromatic herbs and fruit- baring trees. Those who love the beneficial occupation with the earth they can freely look after the land, cut the available fruit and vegetables or find the basket filled up by the discreet visit of our gardener. The vegetables come from seeds of bio cultivation where most of them have been kept and planted with excess love from the owners.


Treat yourself with the affordable luxury of hiring your own private cook.Your private events such as a dinner by the pool at the Villa, BBQ nights, cocktail nights or cooking activities with your kids, can be covered by professionals that will ensure the highest quality ingredients, preparation, menu advice & presentation.


Our belief, “Relax your soul and body” is based on the positive energy and love that Amapola Villas have been made with, on the location, the scenery and quietness, the sun. Now it is completed with Massage Therapies, Wellness Treatments and Yoga Retreats. Experienced Professionals will visit you at the Villas. Ask us for the available services and packages and “Allow your health to come to full circle”


Motor boat: Lefkas is world famous for its beaches. So in order you discover them we offer you the possibility to rent a polyesteric boat at low prices. You can rent it by yourselves or with a skipper per day or week.

Sailing Boat: A sailing boat for daily hire or even for more days, with or without skipper can be suggested.

Car rental: For your immediate service and the facilitation of your transportation we have seen to co-operate with car rental agencies where you as our customers will have a great service.

If you are interested in any of the above rentals please let us know so that we can help you with them.


Seeking adventure, natural beauty and serenity of the soul, we explored and discovered the well hidden paths and secrets of beautiful alternative Lefkada. Off road routes, unique view from above, unknown places and beaches, traditional local food, are just few of the delights of the private tours organised by the Cruise 4×4 Lefkada. All you have to do is to simply join us and we will take over all the rest.


For those who wish to have some action and to combine their holidayswith sports, various choices are available on the island. Lessons or simply equipment rentals for diving, windsurfing, kitesurf, bikes, trekking-hiking, sea kayaking, 4×4 off road excursions, can be proposed in cooperation with local businesses. Ask us and we will provide you with the proper information.